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Accessibility Query: Opera Property Management Software

September 2, 2008 • Darrell Shandrow

Karen and I have an urgent request for any Blind Access Journal readers who may be knowledgeable about the accessibility of customer relationship management and related enterprise management solutions. Karen’s employer will be switching to a new integrated solution by April of 2009. It is called Opera Property Management System, developed by a company named Micros. The only specific details we have from the IT department are that it is web based and may be developed using Java technology. Any additional details anyone may have would be greatly appreciated.

4 opinions on “Accessibility Query: Opera Property Management Software

  1. I would recommend that after the site is installed with Opera PMS to make sure you grill the trainers. If you have questions, comments, run into any problems, grill the trainers and don’t let them go till they give you the answers and assistance you need to get your property functioning. Secondly, test, test, test and test some more every functionality you will ever use. Much easier to have it fixed while the trainers and installers are on property than calling support.

  2. I’m not sure how responsive Opera would be to assistance software like screen readers and such. It operates inside the Internet Explorer environment as a GUI. Most of the human interfacing is mouse driven with very little needed from the keyboard input. As for the Java it actually uses Oracle JInitiator and the latest version that I’ve seen is I hope this helps answer your question a bit more. Sorry I couldn’t provide more.

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