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Accessibility HelpCenter

Are you a decision maker or a developer at a company, educational institution, government agency or organization who has been asked to make your software, websites and other technologies accessible to blind people? Are you an advocate who is looking for a way to help those you ask for accessibility make it happen? If the answer to one or both of these questions is “yes,” then the Accessibility HelpCenter is the place for you.

The goal of the Accessibility HelpCenter, a project of the Blind Access Journal, is to raise awareness of the need for accessibility and to provide decision makers and developers with links to the documentation, programming guides, techniques, tips, tools, tutorials and all relevant online resources one could ever need or want to have in order to make technology accessible and inclusive in a timely manner.

Would you like to recommend a resource for possible inclusion on this list? Do you have feedback about an existing resource? We always welcome your feedback. Please contact us.

One opinion on “Accessibility HelpCenter

  1. Hello, My name is Jackie and I work for the Department of Children and Families (DCF) in Florida. I am a 508 specialist. Currently I am working at testing in house applications for accessibility. Currently I am working on a app where the internet menu and toolbars have been removed. I have been trying to find information on whether or not this is an issue for accessibility. Not just for the blind (however I am blind and base much of my findings on screen reader testing) but for all accessibility. Do you know or can you tell me where to look for this information?

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