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Revised JAWS Scripts Now Available for Skype 3.2

May 23, 2007 • Darrell Shandrow Hilliker

Doug Lee has recently released a new revision of his JAWS scripts for Skype. Revision 416 now incorporates improved support for the latest version 3.2 of this important voice chat application. We thank Doug and his contributors for this fine script set that makes our lives much easier and our use of Skype much more enjoyable than it otherwise might be.

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Today’s KDD: Jaws Attacks; Take the Byte out of Crime

May 19, 2007 • Darrell Shandrow Hilliker

Thanks to Karen for this wonderfully creative, poetic contribution.

On Thursday May 17, we received some disturbing News,
Freedom Scientific, they did choose,
To Sue Serotek, they want to devour,
Found out this at a late hour,
This made me angry, yes indeed,
If you have not already, do read,
The lawsuit that was filed, and the accusations made, more to this than
meets the eye,
Not sure why?
Suing for Trademark infringement,
Much time and resources spent,
One can only speculate and hypothesize,
That they feel threatened by a company of smaller size,
Whom is making tremendous progress in the field of blindness,
And Freedom Scientific, this, they could not digest ,
Could not stand the heat,
Worried , they can not stand on their own two feet,
So, Brutaly attacked their competition pushing them under,
Rather, then learn from their own mistakes and blunders,
Makes one wonder,
What their reasons are for filing this Suit?,
For giving Serotek the boot?
Why, does FS Byte?
This is not right,
Why are they drawing blood?
Slinging them through the mudd?
Eleminating them as a valuable player , wanting them to sink,
Not sure why, what do you think?
What is your take on this story ?, I was shocked,
The blind Community, this should rock,
Hits Matt and Mike to the core,
After being bitten by Jaws, they struggle to swim to shore,
Serotek,is missing a paddle,
Now, they are fighting a battle,
Swimming upstream,
Together, will stay the team,
And continue to give Freedom for all
Through Freedom Box and Ram and Rim,
Things, now, look grim,
However, with these products as well as System Access, as a third
screenreader tool,
They will continue to stay in the school ,
And despite, taking a dive,
Back On the surface , they will arrive,
And hang in there, with GW Micro, , the Guys Aaron and Doug,
They wil not pull the plug,
Hang in there, do have hope,
Some of us in the community, will throw you a rope,
Do not want to see you sink, capsize,
Yet, to continue to develop products along with Window eyes,
Hope the sharks die,
Fail does, Jaws for Windows ,
Freedom Scientific, stay on your Toes,
You may not be as stable,
Not as able,
Watch out, Broken my be your fin,
This, you may not win,
And though, you play with the Whales,
The other fish,may not bail,
And, all of us, in the community ,need to read our mail,
read blogs and listen to podcasts,
Freedom Scientific, you may be a thing of the past,
And, though, Serotek right now, you may not be in the leed,
FS, bate, we are not going to feed,
To enable you to stay strong,
What, your doing is very wrong.
Nothing wrong with healthy competition, Yet, another,just don't sue,
Hoping your opponent will toss in the towel, and say, they are
Assuming, they will have enough?
They are tough,
And will give you a runfor your money,
What, your doing it is not at all funny!
Those of us,whom are blind, need to be united and work together,
Help Serotek through this stormy weather,
Ahead, there will be rough seas,
Look out, they could bring you to your knees,
There will be strong wind, rain and Thunder,
You could go under,
You never know,
How this lawsuit will go
You could regret, the Lawsuit you did file,
Some of us will go the extra mile,
On your feet, you may not land,
I know, what I say, holds no wait, does not mean a thing,
And noone may care,
this KDD I do bring,
Yet my view on this, wanted it to be known.
My thoughts I do share,
Concerned about the state of Affairs,
In this industry ,
All who cannot see,
Do all that you can,
If you are a Fan,
And Believe in Serotek,
Don't allow them to stick out their necks,
See what you can do,
To assist them through,
Support we do need to send,
A hand, lend,
Get the word out, maybe Flyers?
They are under the wire,
Serotek will be fine,
And, we do need to take the byte out of crime,
Your help we do need,
Go reed,
Get more information, at Blind access journal and the Desert Skies,
They show the size of this issue, so, go to their site,
Both shine the light,
They forward a link, it, they did save,
After reading the Lawsuit, rant and Rave,
Let's do what we can, what do you say?
Let the smaller fish play.

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HomerKit 2.0 for JAWS users and script developers

May 18, 2007 • Darrell Shandrow Hilliker

Executable installer

Zip archive

HomerKit 2.0
Released May 18, 2007

HomerKit is (1) a set of tools to help build JAWS scripts and (2) the
application of those tools in script sets for several programs. The
unifying intent of these script sets is a powerful, consistent keyboard
interface for tasks related to editing, navigating, and managing
documents. Currently, programs with this scripted interface are JAWS
Script Manager, NoteTab, WordPad, Notepad, Internet
Explorer, Microsoft Outlook, and Outlook Express.

The word "Homer" reflects multiple associations: an odyssey by a blind
person, a home row-oriented keyboard interface, and a home base for
various tasks. If you regularly use any of the programs mentioned, then
the standardization and enhancements of the script sets provided may be of
benefit. Any parts of the Homer script library or related tools may also
be used in developing your own script sets. JAWS versions 6.2 and above
are supported.

There is a symbiotic relationship between the Homer tools and script sets:
the tools have been developed to create the script enabled features, and
the script sets serve as real world examples of the tools in use. Since
HomerKit is a free, open source project, JAWS script developers are
encouraged to contribute improvements that benefit the blind community.

This 2.0 version of HomerKit incorporates many fixes and enhancements
since the original release. The Homer editor guide explains the
convenient, powerful interface that is consistently available in a text
editor, word processor, web browser, and email program. Each application
also includes special features enabled by particular scripts for that
context. Hot key summaries are readily available, as is an alternate menu
by which you can pick a script to execute.

Comments from various testers, and ideas from the JAWS scripting list of, have aided the development of Homer. I hope it
benefits many users.


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Moving JAWS to the System Tray

May 11, 2007 • Darrell Shandrow Hilliker

The following tech tip is derived from a message I wrote to a mailing list in response to a request for help to remove JAWS from the order of windows presented when changing tasks using the Alt+Tab command.

You can run JAWS from the System Tray instead of the Taskbar, which will remove it from the alt+tab order of windows.  Follow these steps: 

  1. Press JAWS Key+J to open the JAWS window.
  2. Press alt+o for the Options menu.
  3. Press b for the Basics dialogue.
  4. Tab over to “Run JAWS from the System Tray” and press the space bar to check this box.
  5. Tab to OK and press enter.
  6. The next time JAWS or your computer restarts, JAWS will be in the System Tray.

Note: In the vast majority of scenarios, the JAWS Key is the insert key on the lower left-hand corner of the numeric keypad.

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New JAWS 8.0 Update "successfully handles and reads Ajax-enabled Web pages when using Internet Explorer 7"?

April 26, 2007 • Darrell Shandrow Hilliker

Freedom Scientific has come out with a new update to JAWS 8.0. This makes the third update for Windows 2000 and XP users and represents Public Beta 2 for Vista users. Most importantly on Vista is that this version now supports User Access Control (UAC).

In the update’s release notes, the following interesting statement is made: “JAWS successfully handles and reads Ajax-enabled Web pages when using Internet Explorer 7”. What exactly is meant by this statement? I just tried the standard Ajax view of GMail, which still does not work with JAWS after the update.

The jury is still out on whether or not the issues with blank virtual buffers in Adobe Reader, Internet Explorer and Outlook Express have been resolved. I sure hope so, as this issue is keeping us from installing JAWS 8.0 on Karen’s computer. She’s still running 7.1, as are many others.

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Blank Virtual Buffer Issues Persist in JAWS 8.0 Build 1171

March 24, 2007 • Darrell Shandrow Hilliker

Those of you who are hoping that the blank virtual PC cursor issues will be resolved in the upcoming release of JAWS 8.00.1171 are in for a big disappointment. I’ve been running this new build for a couple of days now, and have experienced the issues in both Internet Explorer 7.0 and Outlook Express thus far. Come on, FS programmers, please, please, find a way to fix these issues!

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Windows 2000 Internet Explorer Issues Addressed, JAWS 8.0 Build 1166 Auto Update Explained

March 22, 2007 • Darrell Shandrow Hilliker

Freedom Scientific has addressed specific issues with tabbing, forms mode and Adobe Flash in Internet Explorer running under Windows 2000 in an upcoming JAWS 8.0 build to be released in the very near future. Customers experiencing these concerns may contact Freedom Scientific’s technical support department to receive a patch that addresses these issues now.

The JAWS 8.0 Build 1166 released on March 21 as an automatic update was unintended. Customers who have received and installed this update may completely uninstall JAWS and reinstall the currently released JAWS 8.0 Build 1163, or contact Freedom Scientific’s technical support department for an update that may be applied without need of reinstallation.

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