Would you like to master VoiceOver on that shiny new iPhone 7 you just bought? How about some help editing and writing that important business letter?

If you are an iOS app developer or website designer, how about testing the accessibility of your user interface in the real world with a blind person who has nearly 30 years of screen-reader experience?

I am available for:

  • Assistive technology instruction using the JAWS, Nonvisual Desktop Access (NVDA) or VoiceOver screen readers to achieve success in learning, life and work.
  • Accessibility testing of iOS apps with Apple’s built-in VoiceOver screen reader.
  • Real-world accessibility testing of websites using the JAWS, NVDA and VoiceOver screen readers with the Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari web browsers.

I am certified in the JAWS and Nonvisual Desktop Access (NVDA) screen readers.

Pricing depends on the complexity of the work requested.

Please contact me to get started today.