First Impressions: Google Talk Seems Inaccessible; Tell Them About It!

I decided to try Google’s new instant messaging and chat application. Sadly, like most new software, my first impression is that it is rather inaccessible. I have just sent the following letter to the Google Talk support team requesting accessibility improvements.

Dear Google Talk Support Team,

I have just downloaded and installed the Google Talk beta. Unfortunately, there appear to be problems for blind users who rely on screen readers. I am not able to effectively navigate the Google Talk main window. There appears to be no basic keyboard support such as the ability to use the arrow keys, tab key navigation and keyboard shortcuts. Please work with your new accessibility team to insure the accessibility of Google Talk by the time of its release as a fully working product. I am looking forward to a prompt, affirmative response to this concern.


Darrell Shandrow

Blind Access Journal

Google representatives have told the world they haven’t prioritized accessibility due to lack of feedback. Let’s not make that same mistake now! Please provide your own feedback to the Google Talk Support Team asking for accessibility to the new Google Talk instant messaging software.

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