Humor Alert: Relationship Problems With Inaccessible Computers!

Karen has been experiencing serious technology problems after an upgrade of her computer hardware and operating system at work last week. She has been visibly upset over the consequences the lack of access to an important work related application has caused to her ability to perform the duties of her job. Some of her coworkers have asked her if she is having relationship problems. When she told our friend Tina about the issue, she replied with the following hillarious response.

Hey there, Karen,

ROFL about the relationship problems, particularly the human and canine variety,
definitely not problems there!

Hey, tell whoever might ask about that kind of thing, that you’ve got a big and
serious problem going on in your love/hate relationship with your work computer!
It recently underwent an operating system transplant, and since the computer is
experiencing treatment resistent communication difficulties in the area of
output, particularly when dealing with blind people, neither you nor your
computer are adjusting very well to the current situation. It’ll need an
adaptive technology therapist, versed in the special needs of blind humans and
sight-oriented computer output systems, to come in and work with you two, both
individually and as a couple, to assist in resolving
your current issues with one another. LOL LOL!

If, after appropriate evaluation and intervention, your computer is unable to
manage its own adaptive communication behavior, a special team will convene to
draw up an Individualized Output Program, (IOP), with specific and measurable
goals and objectives to assist this computer with a potential communication
disorder, to interact in a more positive, socially and vocationally appropriate
manner with blind end-users in the workplace setting.

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