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Karen’s Workplace Technology Upgrade Nightmare, Google Extends Visual Verification to Comment Posting on Blogger and the Inaccessible iRiver T30

August 24, 2005 • Darrell Shandrow

Just another week moving right along for a couple of blind people…

Download and Listen

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One opinion on “Karen’s Workplace Technology Upgrade Nightmare, Google Extends Visual Verification to Comment Posting on Blogger and the Inaccessible iRiver T30

  1. Darrell, I’m listening to the audio feed of this post and wanted to comment because these issues are quite timely for me right now.

    First, I am facing a similar situation to Karen’s. My employer uses a program called Maximizer to track clients, contacts, and appointments. I work remotely, and so does one other individual that works for this same company. He, (this other person), is able to access the program because he doesn’t need any screen access technology, however, neither JAWS or Window-Eyes works with the program. This is a minor thing right now because I can email my information to someone and have them enter it, but that’s rather redundant when I could be doing the work myself and saving someone elses time.

    Second, I’m finding your comments on visual verification to be rather timely. I just tried to sign up my husband for a blog and was unable to do it. I ended up going to Live Journal, which also has a graphical verification process, however they offer a very good audio alternative. Also, as I was reconfiguring the options on my blog this morning, I noticed that although blogspot has the option of requiring people to go through this process in order to post a comment, it is an option that can be enabled or disabled. I’d be interested in knowing who to contact though to get some sort of alternative for the sign-up process.

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