I am seriously considering the possibility of my attending CSUN’s Technology and Persons with Disabilities conference. I feel this would be an excellent way for me to experience hands on demonstrations of the latest and greatest assistive technology as well as to personally meet the players in the field. As one who intends to work toward mobilization of the blind community toward greater participation through accessibility, I believe it is absolutely vital that I become as informed and well connected as possible. Networking is essential in the assistive technology industry as it is everywhere else.

Since I live in Arizona, the location of this event in Los Angeles is rather convenient. Due to work obligations, I am only going to be able to reasonably request sufficient time off to attend from March 16 to 19. This would permit my participation in the conference, mandating that I skip the preconference workshops being offered on the 14th and 15th. It appears the registration fee is $400 and the hotel room will cost approximately $120 per night. I have applied for a first timer scholarship from CSUN’s scholarship committee to cover all or part of the registration cost. That still leaves the hotel room expenses. Since Karen will not be able to accompany me on this trip, I can’t justify spending a large amount of money to have a room all to myself. I am thus asking that anyone who is planning to attend this conference and who is in need of a roommate to split the lodging costs to send e-mail to me at editor@blindaccessjournal.com so we can come to an agreement.

Before I make any binding arrangements to attend CSUN, I’d very much appreciate those who have attended this conference in the past to post comments about their experience. What is your take regarding the quality of the sessions and exhibits? Do all or most of the blindness technology players attend? What was your experience with the accomodations provided by the Hilton or Marriott airport hotels? Overall, did you find attending this conference to be worthwhile? Will you be attending this year? Please do share your thoughts soon. You, the readers of this journal, get to provide your input on my decision making process.