The December 26 earthquake and resulting tsunami have devestated South Asia killing well over 150,000 and displacing millions of people. We have been searching for a way to donate to the relief efforts in a way that insures our donation is targeted to this disaster. It is absolutely vital that we donate our resources during this time of need. It is also important to insure that our donations go to reputable organizations where it will do the most good.

President Bush, former President Clinton, and former President Bush Senior have set up an initiative for us to provide our individual donations to the relief efforts through a page on the USA Freedom Corps web site. This page links to reputable charities and nongovernmental organizations providing disaster relief.

As Americans it is our responsibility to lend a helping hand to those in need around the world. We must show our true nature as a generous nation. Please choose an organization on the web site and donate whatever amount you can right away!