Here is a creative twist on iPodder’s new name. This poem is a collaboration by Karen, Tina and Darrell.

Get your Juice Receiver today,

You can squeeze it in many ways.

Access is easy & fast,

Your juice receiver will last.

You can download information at anytime,

It is much sweeter than a lime!

It meets various needs at many speeds,

Can listen to music, news, podcasts & look at your RSS feeds.

It is versitile,

& will make you smile!

Downloading is easy & does not take long,

The sooner you install,

You can play your favorite podcasts featuring Podsafe songs,

And have a ball.

MP3’s are the latest craze,

The Juice receiver is not a fad or phase.

It won’t lose its zing over night,

It’s an accessibility delight!

So, Take this time now,

If you do not know how.

Go to Jeff,

and you will be all set.

He has a direct link to the Site,

With the instructions & updates that are condensed just right.

Unlike most things, this is free,

But it’s a great little program, you will soon agree!

So, what are you waiting for,

You do not have to go to the store.

You do not have to leave your house,

And the blind don’t need a mouse.

This juicer is one of a kind,

Not hard to find.

No need to fridgerate,

So come on, hurry,

and check out DSC with Adam Curry.

Do not wait!

The Juice Receiver is not a drink,

With your podcasts it will Sync,

Giving you hours of audio that will inspire and make you think.

Get your creative juices to flow,

while listening to the newest podcast show!

So get the podcasting fever,

Download the Juice Receiver!