Karen and I wish you all a very accessible, happy and safe New Year! This is our brief 2005 year in review podcast. Enjoy.

  1. Karen and I become engaged on April 1. The proposal is the focus of Jeff Bishop’s The Desert Skies radio show on ACB Radio Interactive that Friday night. The show is also the first semi-official podcast of Blind Access Journal.
  2. Karen becomes part of the Distinguished Service Team on her job, showing once more the value of blind people in employment.
  3. Darrell is Employee of the Month in June of 2005, also exemplifying the recognized value of the blind.
  4. Darrell attends the Portable Media Expo and Podcasting Conference where awareness of accessibility concerns is effectively raised.
  5. Darrell gains significant exposure of accessibility issues as he has the opportunity to chat with Leo Laporte and his gang of TWiTs on This Week in Tech live from the expo.
  6. Darrell works with the GoDaddy Office of the President, resulting in positive, promising developments in the correction of the company’s currently inaccessible visual verification scheme. We will continue following up this communication in the new year.

Please work with us in 2006 and beyond to help insure an accessible world of technology in which blind people are allowed to participate on terms of equality with the sighted. Happy New Year!

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