We hope all NLS subscribers will write a letter to Frank Curt Cylke asking for the immediate restoration of the Web-Braille service to Blind Americans. There may be a chance of getting this valuable resource back if we deem it important enough to speak out.

May 12, 2006

Dear Mr. Kurt Cylke:

I am a long time NLS patron, Braille reader and computer user. From time to time over the past seven years or so, I have utilized the Web-Braille service to obtain immediate access to Grade 2 Braille copies of books and magazines in electronic format, readable on the BookPort, BrailleNote, PAC Mate and other similar portable devices. It has not been necessary to wait several weeks to obtain this material in hardcopy form. I was thus incredibly dismayed to learn of the sudden removal of Web-Braille without warning. Prompt access to information of all kinds is absolutely critical for blind Americans. Once a resource is made available, the blind community will soon grow to rely on it in their daily lives. It represents a huge loss to have such a vital resource yanked out from under us without warning.

Please restore Web-Braille service to blind Americans immediately, while working to resolve its security and technical issues in a process of continuous improvement. We trust that NLS listens to its patrons. I believe there are hundreds of Web-Braille users. Many of us are speaking out on this issue. We look forward to your prompt, affirmative response on this matter. Thank you for your time and consideration of the needs and wants of your Braille reading subscribers.


Darrell Shandrow