Hi Folks

This is to announce the imminent birth of a new station, ACB Radio World.

This brand new station will concentrate on programming in languages other
than English, although English programs will be carried, as well as focusing
on music from all parts of the world.

The station will commence programming on 7 May at 06:00 UTC with a live
stream from the Africa Forum, hosted by the Institutional Development
Program and the Perkins School for the Blind. The Forum is being held in
Nairobi Kenya, and focuses on continued action of the African Decade of the
Disabled to breakdown barriers towards social inclusion and the creation of
opportunities for blind and visually impaired citizens of Africa.
Concerning the Forum itself, I will be posting more details of speakers
etc., as and when I receive the full agenda.

The new ACB Radio World stream can be reached from the ACB Radio homepage,
acbradio.org and will cater for both broadband and modem users.

ACB Radio World can also be found on the new and improved ACB Radio Tuner.
Watch for details of that coming very soon.

If you are a speaker of a language other than English and fancy yourself
broadcasting to the world, then we'd very much like to hear from you.
Please write to support@acbradio.org.

I genuinely hope that ACB Radio World will be a catalyst for the bringing
together of the world's blind community, and I look forward to working with
blind people from every part of this planet of ours.

Chrissie Cochrane
managing Director
ACB Radio