Hello Everyone,
First of all, please allow me to thank all of you for your excellent, supportive comments to this blog concerning Freedom Scientific’s current lawsuit against Serotek.  It is the support of those in the blind community that keeps Blind Access Journal and many other initiatives alive and inspired to continue. 
Second, please, everyone, do go over to http://www.saveserotek.org and sign the Save Serotek Petition today.  Right now, as of 8:22 AM MST, we have a total of 282 signatures.  I am aware of at least a hundred names of supporters or potential supporters who do not currently appear on this list.  Please remember that all we are asking with this petition is that Freedom Scientific decide not to press on with the lawsuit.  The petition is not a statement against Freedom Scientific.  By signing this petition, you are only agreeing with the statement, not with any comments made by other signers.
If you have any questions concerning this petition initiative, please feel free to e-mail me at editor@blindaccessjournal.com, send a MSN / Windows Live Message to nu7i@speakeasy.net or call me at 602-903-3820.
Best regards,
Darrell Shandrow – Accessibility Evangelist
Visit http://www.SaveSerotek.org and ask Freedom Scientific to stop suing!
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