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HomerKit 2.0
Released May 18, 2007

HomerKit is (1) a set of tools to help build JAWS scripts and (2) the
application of those tools in script sets for several programs. The
unifying intent of these script sets is a powerful, consistent keyboard
interface for tasks related to editing, navigating, and managing
documents. Currently, programs with this scripted interface are JAWS
Script Manager, NoteTab, WordPad, Notepad, Internet
Explorer, Microsoft Outlook, and Outlook Express.

The word "Homer" reflects multiple associations: an odyssey by a blind
person, a home row-oriented keyboard interface, and a home base for
various tasks. If you regularly use any of the programs mentioned, then
the standardization and enhancements of the script sets provided may be of
benefit. Any parts of the Homer script library or related tools may also
be used in developing your own script sets. JAWS versions 6.2 and above
are supported.

There is a symbiotic relationship between the Homer tools and script sets:
the tools have been developed to create the script enabled features, and
the script sets serve as real world examples of the tools in use. Since
HomerKit is a free, open source project, JAWS script developers are
encouraged to contribute improvements that benefit the blind community.

This 2.0 version of HomerKit incorporates many fixes and enhancements
since the original release. The Homer editor guide explains the
convenient, powerful interface that is consistently available in a text
editor, word processor, web browser, and email program. Each application
also includes special features enabled by particular scripts for that
context. Hot key summaries are readily available, as is an alternate menu
by which you can pick a script to execute.

Comments from various testers, and ideas from the JAWS scripting list of
BlindProgramming.com, have aided the development of Homer. I hope it
benefits many users.