This week on Main Menu Live we will be presenting quite a variety of topics.

In the first hour we hear from Woody Anna Dresner from the National Braille
Press. A new book entitled "Google It! A Guide to the World's Most Popular
Search Engine" has been released and is based on Jonathan Mosen's audio
Google tutorial. We bring her on to talk to us all about this new book and
all things Google.

Next we hear from Steve Bauer, a familiar voice to many who listen to all of
the streams here at ACB Radio. We bring Steve on to talk all things radio,
that being commercial radio and HD radio. Steve works for a commercial
radio station and we ask him to talk about the issues he faces from a
blindness perspective in that area of his work.

Buckle your seatbelt everyone as we race Into the second hour on Main Menu
Live. We will talk with Che Martin from Blind Adrenaline Simulations. This
is a new accessible game software company and they are just about ready to
launch an exciting new game for everyone called Rail Racer. This is both a
single and multi-player game that is soon launching. Come listen as we
interview Che all about the game, his career, what the development process
is like in developing the game and much more, including your phone calls.

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Jeff Bishop and Darrell Shandrow
The Main Menu Production Team