Netralia has just released version of the CallBurner Skype call recording application. The enhancements and fixes in this release are listed as follows:

  • Hang up shortcut now works (ALT-G).
  • Unpause shortcut now works (ALT-E).
  • Show Notes – JAWS now announces the “Notes” box.
  • There is also a new feature that allows you to hear a low level beep when recording is taking place (as confirmation that recording is working, without having to have JAWS read the stats tab). To enable this, check the “Play a periodic tone through your speaker(s) when recording” option in the Options window (recording tab).

At this time, CallBurner version has not been publicly posted on the company’s web site. It may, nevertheless, be downloaded directly as a public release in order to take advantage of the listed enhancements. Thanks go to Petro for this information.