Dear Victor Reader Stream Customer:

New Stream software version 1.2 multi-lingual TTS (Text-to-Speech) releases
are now available for download at:

These multi-lingual versions are available in: Danish, French, German,
Norwegian, and Swedish. Each multi-lingual version has its recorded prompts
and messages in the local language. As well, each multi-lingual version has
two Vocalizer TTS languages: the local language and the default English
female Samantha. You can move from one TTS language to the other by pressing
and holding key 7 on the Stream. Samples of each TTS Language are available
to listen to following the documentation list for each language.

If you have a Stream version 1.0 or 1.1 and you wish to upgrade to the new
version 1.2 with the multi-lingual TTS then follow these steps to upgrade:
– download the appropriate zip file for your language
– Unzip the single UPG upgrade file. You do not require special unzip
software with Windows XP or Vista.
– Copy the UPG file to the root of your Stream SD card
– Insert the card into the Stream, connect the Stream to the power mains ,
and turn it on.
– The Stream will recognize the special UPG file and initiate the upgrade
process. Audio messages will inform you of the start and end of the update

Complete installation instructions and the list of new features for version
1.2 are available in the What's New document in the English documentation
list on the same support page.

The version 1.2 User Guide is only available at this time in English.
Multi-lingual User Guides will be made available with the next release of

If you want to hear a sample of any of the multi language TTS voices there
is a link to listen to each sample following the documentation for each

Thank you.
The HumanWare Support Team