Earlier this afternoon, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I have been counted among the Project Gemstone winners. This Bookshare project was initiated to recognize the work of those of us who validate (edit scanning errors and reformat) content before it is approved and added to the Bookshare collection. Feel free to visit http://www.friendsofbookshare.org to learn more about Project Gemstone and Bookshare in general. Bookshare validations are often challenging and time consuming even for the best quality scans, so it is quite nice to receive this recognition for an important segment of the volunteer community.
The following message from Monica Willyard, one of our tireless leaders in the Bookshare volunteer community, sheds additional light on the project and recognizes all the winners:
Hi, everyone. I’m excited to be writing to you today to announce that the Project Gemstone winners have been chosen. To read about each of our participants, visit http://scannersguild.com/honoring-project-gemstone-champions/  You can also visit the page with the winners listed at



Here is a list of our six winners, each of whom will receive an Amazon gift certificate.


Ann P


Deborah H.





Congratulations to each of you. I would also like to thank Cindy Warford for sponsoring 3 of the prizes for this contest. What a wonderful group of people you all are. (smile)


Monica Willyard

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