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The Desert Cafe Opens for Business Tomorrow with a Slightly Irish Theme

March 15, 2009 • Darrell Shandrow Hilliker
Hello Everyone,
Top of the morning Lads & Lasses,
Stop by the  Desert Cafe after your classes,
When you awake or at the end of your day,
we will entertain, great music we  will play.,
Bring your dancing shoes and  good cheer,
We will have no  green beer,
May have Irish Soda Bread and hot Tea,
point your browser to ACB.
You can do an Irish Jig  and bring your Harp or Irish flute,
Here is the route,
Travel on the information Highway, Destination,
we wil  not assimilate you like the Borg,
If you don’t wear Green, you we wont pinch, willnot do this,
our show, you  don’t want to  miss,
You will feel good, when  its time to go
so do listen to our show
We will play the 60’s through today,
please Stay
so,  spend time with Darrell and I,
on ACB R I
The show can be heard on ACB Radio Interactive at 02:00 Universal time on Tuesday, that’s Monday evening in the United States at 7:00 Pacific (and Arizona), 8:00 Mountain, 9:00 Central and 10:00 Eastern. Visit to listen.
See you tomorrow night,
Karen and Darrell in the Desert Cafe on ACB Radio Interactive
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