Is Apple Trying to Hijack the Word Podcast?

Todd is incredibly unhappy about Apple’s apparent moves to use its iPod trademark against the podcasting community, and so am I! What is Apple really trying to do here? Do they want us all to play our “podcasts” on their iTunes software? If so, well, the blind community says “no thanks”! iTunes remains largely inaccessible. Apple should be glad there are alternatives to receiving podcasts, otherwise they may actually find themselves in a world of hurt, with their iTunes University offering in clear violation of the ADA and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act with respect to accessibility concerns. I hope this all doesn’t turn out to be our downfall as a community, with the bulk of all podcast listeners now using iTunes, to the detriment of all other podcatchers. Not quite certain what should be done yet, but I’m quite sure the fur is going to fly at the expo next weekend. Too bad I’ll be missing the action!

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