Beware: Internet Explorer 7.0 Not Fully Supported By Some Current Screen Readers

Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 7.0 this morning, but you may not want to jump on the banwagon yet. It is known to work well with Window-Eyes 5.5, but is not fully supported by other current screen readers such as Freedom Box System Access and JAWS 7.1. It will be necessary to await an upcoming release of an upgrade of these screen readers for Internet Explorer 7 support. In some cases, full screen reader support for Internet Explorer 7 is going to require payment of an upgrade fee if the user does not hold an active Software Maintenance Agreement with the vendor. Before downloading and installing Internet Explorer 7, please, do yourself a favor and ask your screen reader maker if they fully support the latest version of this web browser before plunging ahead. Taking this prudent step may prevent a lot of unnecessary grief.

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