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PDF to TXT 3.0 released

May 25, 2008 • Darrell Shandrow

Now available at

After a few years since version 2.1, I have now updated the program with two
substantive enhancements that broaden the range of PDFs from which text can
be obtained. If a PDF is locked with a password that you know, type it in
the edit box that has been added to the main dialog. If the PDF is
primarily an image format without textual characters, e.g., the result of a
scan, mark the new checkbox so that optical character recognition (OCR) is
performed rather than the usual text extraction techniques. Google
Tesseract technology is used for this, which is currently the best free OCR

Note that OCR should be used as a last resort, since it takes much longer
and is more error prone. Essentially, PDF to TXT now incorporates the
PDF2OCR package, which has been available at
The download size of the new installer is much larger, about 22 megabytes,
in exchange for the additional OCR capability.

The program's batch conversion features work with the latest enhancements.
Thus, all the PDFs in a directory, or all those on a web page, may be
processed with a single command if they share the same password or image


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