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Possible New Audio Service Coming Soon

January 20, 2005 • Darrell Shandrow Hilliker

Good evening. This is an experimental posting using the AudioBlogger service. Please don’t forget to click the additional link associated with this post. You will hear an audio message from me explaining this experiment. Please share your thoughts concerning the possible applications of this new capability here on Blind Access Journal.

this is an audio post - click to play
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2 opinions on “Possible New Audio Service Coming Soon

  1. The AudioBlogger option seems to be a viable alternative of communication for not only those in the blind community, but for us obsessive multi-taskers as well. Imagine being able to leave ones computer station and still be receiving correspondence. The question I would pose is this: How many minutes of audio can the audioblog retain? If it is a resonable amount, then I feel this form of communication could enhance correspondence immensely.

  2. The free AudioBlogger service, which is partnered with, permits five minutes of audio per post. You may use it to post as many times as you wish. A colleague uses another service called which permits up to a full hour of audio per post. accepts the audio as recorded MP3 files from your computer rather than over a standard telephone line as does AudioBlogger. is also not free of charge.

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