It is not only important that we advocate for accessibility, but that we are also able and willing to provide detailed, intelligent solutions that enable accessibility where it doesn’t already exist. It is simply not acceptable for us to ask for and insist upon greater accessibility without being ready with specific solutions. We the blind must devise the reasonable solutions for which we ask, then show our willingness to assist in their implementation.

The blind-access-workers mailing list is intended for discussion of all topics relating to the technical and nontechnical aspects of advocating for better accessibility by the blind. Acceptable topics may include successful advocacy approaches and technical solutions to accessibility challenges. Unacceptable topics include debates on the importance of accessibility or whether or not a particular technology should be made accessible. Anyone who brings up an accessibility issue for discussion on this list will receive appropriate, detailed and intelligent attention to their concern.

Membership in this list is moderated. The intent is to create a core group of accessibility advocates from both the technical and nontechnical sectors of the blind community and from those in the sighted population who have a sincere interest in accessibility. Once you have been accepted as a member of this list, you may post and respond freely without moderation.

Please join the core group today by visiting the Blind-access-workers Info Page and completing the simple subscription process. Thank you for your willingness to join with us in our ongoing effort to secure the future of the blind through accessibility.