Despite all the technical difficulties preventing me from providing you with the anticipated full CSUN conference coverage, I was able to conduct and record a demonstration of Talking Signs.

Talking Signs is an innovative line of products that can enable easier, more effective independent navigation by the blind in locations where they have been installed. The blind person points a simple infrared remote control type receiver in various directions, hears a descriptive voice recording of his or her surroundings and moves toward the desired location as the signal becomes stronger and stronger. Feel free to listen to my informal demonstration of this technology on the ballroom level of the Los Angeles Marriott at the 2005 CSUN conference and browse to the Talking Signs web site for more information directly from the manufacturer.

You may listen to this demonstration, recorded on Saturday morning at CSUN, in streaming MP3 format with Winamp or any other compatible player:

As this demonstration represents my first attempt at providing live coverage of an event as it happens, please provide feedback so I may improve upon my work in the future!