Blind Access Journal is a dynamic, constantly evolving blind community resource. We are experimenting with a blogging capability known as trackback. This new functionality enables aggregation and exchange of articles and associated comments among blogs. Trackback provides us with the potential to expand the influence of the journal throughout the Internet community and to track the progress of our efforts. Your feedback and patience are appreciated as we are bound to cut our teeth on this new system in the beginning.

You may be wondering what happened to all the old comments. They’re not gone. Simply click the link to the post time for each article to view all comments entered before the implementation of trackback. Please use the new “Comment” and “Trackback” links to submit all new responses.

We feel we have improved the overall quality and usefulness of Blind Access Journal by adding this new comment management and trackback functionality. As always, we welcome your feedback and will do our very best to resolve all reported issues these new features may cause.