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Terri Schiavo Case: Perception of the Majority?

March 31, 2005 • Darrell Shandrow Hilliker

Karen shares some interesting dialogue with one of her closest coworkers concerning Terri’s case. Her coworker takes Michael Schiavo’s pro-death position. I hear the same thing from some of my closest colleagues as well. Are we wrong to feel extremely nervous about the possible implications of the Terri Schiavo case?

I don’t really understand people & their perception of Terri’s health condition .
Even people that we think would be on our side are not! Jane (name changed to protect the guilty) is one of those people.
A little while ago, she came into this office on her lunch break & was giving Dougie some ice & saying hello. I had asked her if she had heard the news? She said, “about that Lady”? I said, “yes, about Terri”. I then said, “Its really sad! But if they had reconnected the tube a week ago, she would have been okay. Darrell & I feel that it is best that she passed away because she would have been in too much pain.. but she could have had a chance if they did something a week ago…”
She replied, well, something to the effect that Terri didnot have much functioning & was not really capable of having a full life & wasn’t cohearent….
Of course, I am paraphrasing….
I am really disappointed in her! am I wrong, does it seem the majority of people are on Michael’s side!…. That, is really scary!
Are more people whom are disabled on our side? Isn’t that interesting! Wonder what the stats are!
This whole thing is a disgrace to our country, says a lot about our country — & its not very good!
I feel really bad sad & totally disgusted! I felt like crying but couldn’t!…..

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2 opinions on “Terri Schiavo Case: Perception of the Majority?

  1. You say you don’t understand people and their perception of Terri’s health condition–well, I for one, don’t understand yours. Terri was brain-dead pure and simple. Her entire cerebral cortex was gone–atrophied and replaced by cerebro-spinal fluid. This was abundantly clear on the CT scans. The only portion of her brain that functioned properly was the brain stem–the portion responsible for heartbeat, respiration, etc. Everything that made Terri what she was died in 1990.

  2. I’d have to be on the person’s side who made the comment. Well, now that I’m replying after she died what i’m going to say will make some mad. I’m glad she is resting in peace. They should’ve taken the tube a logn time ago. By the way, I must be in the minority because I’m visually impaired…

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