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Live Marriage Proposal: Karen and I Are now Engaged!

April 1, 2005 • Darrell Shandrow Hilliker

This evening, Karen and I are excited to announce that we became engaged after she accepted my live marriage proposal on Jeff Bishop’s The Desert Skies radio show on ACB Radio Interactive. Jeff and I planned this show for almost an entire week while managing to keep Karen completely in the dark regarding the purpose of our activities. Her total surprise turned into a “yes” answer and our excitement at its now being official! We thank everyone who listened live. If you missed the show, a complete archive of the two hour event is available. We invite you to join in our excitement as we became engaged on the flagship Internet radio station of the connected blind community!

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7 opinions on “Live Marriage Proposal: Karen and I Are now Engaged!

  1. Congrats Karen and Darrell! I’d say it’s about time you popped the question dude! Good for you.
    Let me know when the wedding bells will ring.
    88’s to you both,

  2. Karen and Darrell!

    YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! Darrell you got one of the best women in the world. Drew and I couldn’t be happier for you two. Karen, we always told you your dreams would come true. Good for both of you for believing in the possible!!!!


  3. Congrats.. I hope you have a happy and fun filled marriage. ANd if you ever need a ear or two, give me a call or a email:)

    btw for most couple fights, check out the mars and venus series. And if that doesn’t work invest in a cast iron skillet:) lol.

  4. How adorably romantic!!! You know I remember a Friday night about four or five years ago when you two called me at home to talk about some burning issue – do you remember this? Well, anyway, I asked you why two young people in love were calling an old married woman about that and not just enjoying the evening. I realize that your passion for each other is all of that and more – it extends so much further – and I think that is wonderful! I am so happy for you both!


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