Featuring PAC Mate desktop, enforced write protect, typing mode for Focus Braille displays, enhancements of Microsoft Office functionality and various bug fixes, Freedom Scientific has posted JAWS 6.2 for free download by current owners of JAWS 6.0 or 6.1 and holders of current software maintenance agreements. With the impending release of version 3.0 of the PAC Mate’s firmware, PAC Mate desktop enables the accessible PDA to be used to remotely control a computer running JAWS over a Microsoft ActiveSync connection. Enforced write protect may enable a blind user at work to protect his or her copy of JAWS from the potential consequences of inaccessibility caused by the accidental tampering by coworkers or IT staff who may lack sufficient knowledge to competently manage assistive technology. Typing mode enables users of Freedom Scientific’s new Focus Braille displays to enter text into edit fields in their computer applications using Braille entry keys on the display hardware. Enhancements to support for Microsoft Office and numerous bug fixes make this update a worthwhile download. If you own JAWS and are eligible to receive this update, we strongly recommend that you learn about and download it from Freedom Scientific’s web site.