Dear Milog support,

My name is Darrell Shandrow. I have been a ham for almost twenty years now. I happen to be blind. This year I will be participating in Field Day with the Scottsdale Amateur Radio Club. The club uses your Milog software for logging QSOs. After downloading and installing a demo of the software, I have found it almost totally inaccessible to either the JAWS or Window-Eyes screen readers. These are the two leading applications for a blind person to use in order to gain access to the applications running on a PC. There is minimal tab key navigation in dialogue boxes and menus, and the focus is not tracked as I utilize the arrow keys. I am hoping that an “accessibility” option exists in the program which might enable this application to work for blind hams. If so, could you please explain how I may enable Milog to be usable with my screen reader? If this is not currently available, please, by all means, start working with blind hams to make your software accessible.

At best, the inaccessibility of Milog is going to force me to log contacts in a manner that will be different from the other three operators in our 4F classification. At worst, an attempt could possibly be made to exclude me from participation due to this inaccessible technology. I’m leaving for Field Day tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM Pacific time. Please respond by e-mail before that time or feel free to call me by telephone anytime this evening or tonight at 480-966-0922. If you have to leave a voice mail, rest assured I’ll call you back right away. Thanks in advance for your consideration.


Darrell Shandrow