I wrote the following note to Adam Curry after discovering that registration for the new Podsafe Music Network is inaccessible to the blind due to the use of visual verification without a suitable nonvisual alternative. On several occasions during his Daily Source Code podcasts, Adam has indicated an interest in making sure that the blind are able to actively participate in podcasting. Inaccessible visual verification and a fairly inaccessible web site for the Podsafe Music Network certainly does not move us in this positive direction. We hope this oversight gets resolved in short order.

Hi Adam,

We in the blind community are disappointed and saddened at the choice to implement visual verification on the Podsafe Music Network without providing a properly accessible alternative. You already require e-mail address confirmation. Please consider doing the right thing by removing your inaccessible visual verification until an accessible alternative can be added. As it stands right now, we blind podcasters are being left out simply because we are unable to pass a visual verification test that provides no nonvisual alternative.



Adam responded as follows:


Your approach here isn’t very helpful. Instead of saying ‘you did it wrong’, perhaps you could explain in some relative detail how we can make it better.

I have just sent Adam a link to the W3C article entitled Inaccessibility of Visually-Oriented Anti-Robot Tests.