The past weekend was rather busy with accomplishments here at the journal.

  • I have now successfully implemented FAXTalk Messenger Pro with my speakerphone modem. It is now possible to receive, place and even record telephone calls using my primary workstation here in the Accessibility Command Center.
  • The extreme overall system sluggishness caused each time Total Recorder Professional 5.2 was installed on my primary workstation has now been fixed once and for all. If you are encountering similar issues, try opening Total Recorder, going into Options > Settings > System > Restrictions and checking the “disable accelerated recording” check box.
  • It is now also possible to record Skype conversations here in the Accessibility Command Center. After resolving the previous Total Recorder issue, I simply changed the sound drivers used by Skype to “Record Through Total Recorder” and “Playback Through Total Recorder”. All set now!

In this podcast, I also talk about the recent coverage of the Google visual verification issue and more about my ultimate position on my approach to advocating for accessibility.

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