Karen writes about her frustrating experience with the Book Port. I’m having a hard time teaching her how to use this device and, in general, helping her to learn to effectively get the most out of other electronic devices as well. Any ideas?

For those of you who love electronics and gadgets but are unable to use them until you know exactly how they work, this message is for you! I am one of those individuals whom enjoys playing on the computer, listening to music and using new nifty little gadgets; however, I also seem to have a nack for breaking them! For example, Darrell got me a Book Port accessible electronic book reading device for Christmas. I love it and want to use it! I even did for a while! I was listening to books on it. Then, somehow, I messed it up and could not get back into the book. I was listening to “How To Speak Dog”, but, somehow, deleted the file! I then attempted to use the help menu, but, have problems with the “ help menu” or lose interest in the contents of the help file. I find it extremely frustrating! Darrell upgraded the software on my Book Port and even loaded a podcast of Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code. I listened to most of it and was enjoying it! I arrived early to work and wanted to listen to the rest of it before I began my shift. While trying to lower the volume, suddenly, I messed it up again! I somehow lost the podcast and went into record mode! I do not know what exactly I did! Help! Now, the Book Port is messed up again and I lost some files. At least I can not retrieve them! I may sound ignorant and should know better. Yet, I am just one of those people who can not figure electronics out, just don’t have the nack for them! Darrell can get something new and teach himself how to use the new piece of equipment! I think they should attach an accessible manual on cd, cassette or in Braille for those of us whom are not mechanically inclined. If there is only a help menu on the gadget itself, we, who lack the skill to use the gadget will, somehow, manage to break it! For those of you who are good with electronics and have some techniques, tips for us mechanically impaired people, I am listening!