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Launch of New Shellworld Radio Internet Broadcaster

August 7, 2005 • Darrell Shandrow Hilliker

A new Internet radio station, Shellworld Radio, has just launched this weekend. Operated by a blind business owner, this new station provides music and original content serving the blind community. We highly recommend you check out this new Internet listening opportunity.

Happy listening!


It is apparent that the links to the new Shellworld Radio are not working consistently at the moment. We are quite confident that the issues will be resolved soon and the station will be on the air full time.

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3 opinions on “Launch of New Shellworld Radio Internet Broadcaster

  1. Great to find your blog. I have been looking for a grup of blind bloggers and/or others facing blindnes. I am the “see-eyed” wife of a man with retinitis pigmentosa. Do you know other blind bloggers?

  2. Hi Lauri,

    Absolutely. There are quite a few blind bloggers. Here are just a few:

    Jeff Bishop at
    Jonathan Mosen at
    Wayne at
    These are just the three that come to mind at this very second. Of course, there are many blind podcasters as well.

    Just as is the case with the sighted, the blind community is quite impressive. Blindness need not hold us back, only our own attitudes, those of others and the issues of inaccessibility we must battle on practically a daily basis. When one first learns that they are going blind, the news is depressing and tragic. It is absolutely critical, however, for your husband to make the choice to go on living his life to the very best of his abilities! Yes. It is a choice and we sincerely hope he makes the right decision for your sake, that of your children and his own sanity and well being. Though having a sighted partner can certainly be benefitial in many situations, it shouldn’t forever be necessary for you to act as a “seeing eye wife”. This role should lessen as your husband learns to act independently. Check out the two primary organizations of the blind here in the USA, the American Council of the Blind at and the National Federation of the Blind at Please feel free to let us know if we may be of further direct assistance to you or your husband. Take care and all the best.

  3. Hi Darrell,

    This is Lisa Hall from San Antonio, Texas, another user of the PacMate using BX40 braille display and speech combination. I have just finished listening to your live demonstration of the Street Talk with Destinator while you were traveling to work by bus. Did you have your PacMate in a carrying case when you traveled? Did you have your receiver attach to the unit in some way? Did you use an external microphone when recording with the PacMate? When recording, did you have your audio file set up to save to a USB thumb drive or compact flash card? Write me at or visit my web si.te at to learn more about my work that I am doing.

    Lisa Hall

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