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Another Screen Reader Letdown on the Job

September 15, 2005 • Darrell Shandrow Hilliker

Yet another component of my job has become inaccessible due to the failure of a piece of mainstream software, in this case an extremely large HTML table data structure, to be usable with the two most widely implemented screen readers: JAWS and Window-Eyes. There are potentially negative and serious consequences in store for me as a result of all this ongoing inaccessibility. Of course, as we blind people are largely off the radar screen of the technology industry, this scenario of inaccessibility at work is growing exponentially. Our ability to participate in employment will bleed away from us if we’re unable to find ways to constructively address issues of technology access. Listen to this podcast for details.

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3 opinions on “Another Screen Reader Letdown on the Job

  1. again darel, i’m about four minutes in the podcast but you still haven’t talked about what the header says you will talk about.I think you are a fantastic writer, but just seem, um…. nervis? about talking about what you need to talk about. so why are you fruststraded. oh wait hold on we’re about five/six minutes in, and we are talking about it. never mind. but you know what i mean? i love your blog dude, you are a fantastic tech here in phoenix. I even considder you the “other blind tech” i dig you man cause you’re here in phoenix. and cause you got allot to offer the blind community and the it community. but i’m going to go here you out now on the blog, it just takes you a long time to get to what you want to ttalk about.

  2. One of the reasons I’m focusing more on podcasting lately is that work has been very stressful lately and I just don’t feel like doing a great deal of work on the computer once I get home. Podcasting is just a different outlet for me. I’m getting the hang of it but I’m sure it won’t all come together all at once. That’s just how these things work. Please do feel free to use the fast forward function on your computer or portable device to move through the content you don’t want to hear. I listen to quite a few podcasts myself, and, believe me, that’s one of the most used features of my Iriver IFP 899!

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