If you are a blind person living in the target zone for Hurricane Rita, it is absolutely critical that you be proactive about evacuation! If you are having trouble leaving, here are some ideas:

  1. Get a ride out of the area from a colleague, friend, neighbor or relative.
  2. Take a cab, city bus or possibly paratransit service to the Greyhound station or another form of longer distance transportation out of the area.
  3. Call the nonemergency telephone number of your local fire or police department for assistance.
  4. If all else fails, call 911!

The preparedness and safety of ourselves and our families is all up to us. Leaving this to others is a terrible idea as we will most likely be forgotten in the shuffle as the evacuation process continues for those who are fully able to fend for themselves using their own automobiles to drive away from the area. Don’t put yourselves at unnecessary risk by staying behind. Be proactive! Get out if that has been deemed necessary by the authorities in your area.

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