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JobCast: Requirements for Getting and Keeping a Job When You’re Blind

September 25, 2005 • Darrell Shandrow Hilliker


Geek News Central

Excellent, must listen podcast for techies.

Access and Advocacy Issues – Seeing Eye

Seeing Eye’s excellent resources on access and advocacy issues for guide dog owners. Here in the USA, they’re allowed everywhere by law, folks!

Caroline’s Kitty Corner

Caroline’s personal journal from a blindness perspective. Network

Check out the Network for lots of great technically oriented content and live virtual meetings on podcasting topics. Jeff Bishop’s The Desert Skies is a proud member of the Network; if it’s tech, it’s here…


Thousands of audio books, including Velocity by Dean Koontz, and other spoken word content in digital format for playing on your computer or portable device. This service is reasonably accessible.

Comprehensive job search site.

America’s Jobline

Telephone based automated job search service created by the National Federation of the Blind and funded by the U.S. Department of Labor and state agencies.

Preparing for the Job Interview

Excellent must-follow advice from Mike Smith of the Mike Tech Show podcast on how to prepare for the job interview.

Shane’s Blind World Podcast

Another wonderful podcast from the real life perspective of a blind person. I want to know more about those microphones!

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One opinion on “JobCast: Requirements for Getting and Keeping a Job When You’re Blind

  1. Hey there, Darrell. Thanks for the plug for my podcast. The mics that I’m using are a set of older radio shack mics which I do believe are little audiotechnicas. They are omnidirectional, and each one is the size of the eraser head of a pencil. They are clipped to somewhere on the body with little alligator clips, or you can actually put them behind your ears without the clips, and that works quite beautifully. I put them on my sleeves when I’m wearing a sweatsuit, or when I have on a polo shirt, I put one on each collar. That’s how I get the binaural sound. They terminate into an eighth-inch plug, and they fit right into the Iriver with its external mic setting set. There you go. By the way, I just listened to the really neat marriage proposal, and that was just so totally awesome, dude! Abby and I were in a movie theater with the lights down low when I proposed to her. I held her left hand behind her back; slipped on that little engagement ring; and then I popped the question. You could have heard her squeal all the way out the front door, right out there where the popcorn and stuff was! It was great! Anyway, congratulations to you both. I hope this message is helpful to you, and good luck on finding some mics. Try and see what you can find there. They have some of the best, from what I’ve heard. All the best from our house to yours!

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