Geek News Central

Excellent, must listen podcast for techies.

Access and Advocacy Issues – Seeing Eye

Seeing Eye’s excellent resources on access and advocacy issues for guide dog owners. Here in the USA, they’re allowed everywhere by law, folks!

Caroline’s Kitty Corner

Caroline’s personal journal from a blindness perspective. Network

Check out the Network for lots of great technically oriented content and live virtual meetings on podcasting topics. Jeff Bishop’s The Desert Skies is a proud member of the Network; if it’s tech, it’s here…


Thousands of audio books, including Velocity by Dean Koontz, and other spoken word content in digital format for playing on your computer or portable device. This service is reasonably accessible.

Comprehensive job search site.

America’s Jobline

Telephone based automated job search service created by the National Federation of the Blind and funded by the U.S. Department of Labor and state agencies.

Preparing for the Job Interview

Excellent must-follow advice from Mike Smith of the Mike Tech Show podcast on how to prepare for the job interview.

Shane’s Blind World Podcast

Another wonderful podcast from the real life perspective of a blind person. I want to know more about those microphones!

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