How about some humor for a Friday night? Our friend Tina contributes the following wisdom on the topics of blogging and snogging. Enjoy.

A Dog met a frog in a bog,

And then came running a hog.

Did you Jog, asked the dog?

In the fog? asked the Frog.

Said the hog, In the smog,

My mate did I snog,

but we were startled by the falling of a log.

So, said the hog,

to the dog and the frog,

Let’s leave this soggy bog,

and imbibe in egg nog,

and go write this tale up in a blog.

She also inspired the following additional wisdom on the subject:

You can snog on a log in the fog while writing a blog, but you had better
watch out for the dog, the hog and the frog!