What’s New in JAWS 7.0?

Learn all about the features and functions of this new release of the JAWS product as officially advertised by Freedom Scientific, download a copy of the software and more. Do not remove JAWS 6.2 after performing this upgrade as you may find yourself continuing to rely upon it for the near future. There is a potential for disappointment with this upgrade; please stay tuned for additional upcoming coverage of this product release.

Firefox 1.5 Beta 2

Download and install this most recent version of the Firefox alternative, open source browser in order to obtain the accessibility features required for use with screen readers such as JAWS 7.0 and Window-Eyes 5.5. The currently available final release of Firefox, 1.07, is not recommended as it does not yet incorporate IBM’s accessibility enhancements. Stay tuned to Blind Access Journal and other blind community resources for late breaking news on the development and availability of future accessible Firefox releases.

Download and Listen