Let’s get some healthy discussion going about the pros and cons of relating the consequences of inaccessibility for the blind to those that caused harm to African-Americans through blatant practices of racial segregation in the 1960’s and earlier here in the United States. Should we evoke references to segregation in our advocacy for the accessibility we must have in order to avoid being locked out of society? Please review my ideas for the design of a Blind Access Journal logo and send me an e-mail telling me exactly what you think.

In the background, there is a picture of an authentic “No Blacks Allowed”
sign from the 1950’s. The word “Blacks” has been changed to “Blind”. There
is a slash drawn through this sign to indicate our struggle against that
state of affairs…
In the forground, a blind person is depicted with a cane and some accessible
electronic technology. At the bottom is written:
Blind Access Journal

We Have a Dream of a More Inclusive, Accessible Future – Please join us!