If you’re blind, you’ll want to stay far, far away from the Video iPod. It offers absolutely nothing but complete inaccessibility! Listen as I discuss my firsthand experience with the device at the office yesterday. I also chat about Larry and Rob’s recent podcast on the (in)accessibility of digital audio recorders and wrap up with an inspirational podsafe tune by Natalie Brown reminding us that we need to believe in ourselves and have faith in all that we do.

Blind Cool Tech

Career profiles of real blind people, reviews of assistive and mainstream technology, sound seeing tours and much more provided by Larry Skutchan and an informal team of blind correspondents from around the world!

Natalie Brown

This sweet, soulful vocalist/songwriter with a dynamic, multi-octave vocal range has been charming global audiences with songs that entertain, empower and provoke since late 2000.

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