Karen shares with us the news of her retired guide dog’s passing away yesterday along with a comforting story about animals who pass out of this world into the next. Condolences to Karen for her loss!

This morning I received some sad news from a close friend of ours. My
previous dog guide Chanel passed away yesterday. She was a black Lab age 10. Today, I am in mourning, grieving her loss. This tribute is for Chaneli whom will always have a special place in my heart. At a later date, Darrell and I will do a podcast about Channelli. For now, I am passing along this link which has a beautiful poem called The Rainbow Bridge about pets, guide dogs and other animals that we all have loved and whom passed on. I first saw this when Topper, my first Dog Guide, passed away 3 years ago. A friend whom I met on the internet (from my journaling mailing lists) shared it with me. Hope it helps those of you whom lost an animal close to you.