Dear Leo,

Thank you for allowing me to chat a bit about accessibility on TWiT #30 from the podcasting expo. I hope there may be future opportunities to work with you to get some serious play on accessibility issues as there are potentially disastrous consequences of inaccessible technology for those of us with disabilities, whom represent a market that must not be ignored.

I have recently registered with Visual verification without
accessibility kept me out, but someone at Digg assisted me in completing the registration in a couple of days. Unfortunately, the matter is not closed. Despite being logged into an account that already required visual verification, I am still not allowed to submit new stories to due to another visual verification test, also without appropriate considerations for accessibility. A couple of letters to the available contact e-mail addresses at have not yielded a response on this second, much worse accessibility issue in over a week. I would really appreciate it if you would please work with your friend Kevin Rose over at Digg to devise a way to allow the blind and visually impaired to fully participate in this service.

Again, thanks for the exposure of accessibility issues on TWiT and I hope to hear from you.

All the best,

Darrell Shandrow