I took the opportunity to chat with Adam Curry at the expo about accessibility and he made some extremely positive comments on the Daily Source Code. Thanks, Adam. We’re looking forward to a brighter future of participation in all that Podshow has to offer the podcasting community.

Apologies for the windy weather audio artifacts in the introduction and conclusion of this episode of the podcast. I did try some new post-production techniques involving fading the segments at appropriate moments. Please provide feedback on my results.


Daily Source Code #278

Adam Curry pledges to insure that accessibility is a core value in the development of Podshow products and services.

Allison and Ron of the NosillaCast

Thanks for all you did to make the meeting with Adam Curry a reality!

BayCHI with Steve Williams

It was very enjoyable hanging out with Steve at the expo. He got to meet Allison and Ron right after my chat with Adam. Cool!

Digital Mediacast Experiment

Mentioned Michael Carrino when discussing how to podcast, etc.

The Blind Scholar

I’m working with Reagan D. Lynch on a new accessibility related project to be officially announced in approximately two weeks. NDA!

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