Greetings Blind Access Journal readers.

First, let me thank Darrell for allowing me to blog here on his site.

I have my own blog at where I spend my time posting about political issues from a conservative-libertarian point of view. I pretty much cover everything.

However, as Darrell noted in his recent podcast I will focus on the public policy and political issues around accessibility on this blog with some cross posting to my own blog.

I am currently a senior political science major at Sul Ross State University located in Alpine, Texas.

I should also note here that I am a member of the Youth Advisory Committee for the National Council on Disability, and at no time will I be speaking for or on behalf of NCD.

You can visit my blog for more details on me and to subscribe to my rss feed.

My first posting here will probably not be for a few days and you can expect the postings to be somewhat lengthy since I tend to research my topic in great detail before publishing, but I’ll try to keep them somewhat pithy.

Also, Darrell mentioned a nice little project he is working on due to be released in the next few weeks. I am helping him on this and until further notice all the details are NDA, but if you are part of the media, yes that means you MSM and even some of you podcasters, send me an e-mail and I think Darrell and I might be able to slide you in the door ahead of the rest of the world, but you have to bring your own canes and guide dogs.

Should you have any questions you can contact me via my blogs contact page.