Jeff Bishop of The Desert Skies has been working with Amazon this morning. It seems the accessibility issue may be a side effect of a problem the company considers to be serious, thus a team of developers has already begun work on a prompt resolution.

Hello Everyone,

This has now been given very high priority status at Amazon and a team is on it.

I have an Amazon update. OK, I just spoke with and got a ticket submitted to their development team. We did quite a bit of diagnosing on this issue and I will report when I hear more. The developer will call me or contact me via email sometime next week once he hears more on the problem/resolution. You are taken to a gift central web site it seems, and this is a new piece of functionality rolled out this weekend by Amazon.


A reliable source tells us that the launch of the new Gift Central functionality may have been premature and that this issue was certainly not intended. Amazon representatives reported to our source that they will resolve the problem and appreciated our bringing the matter to their prompt attention. Stay tuned for late breaking news on this situation as it continues to develop.