Digg is an experiment in the collection and dissemination of information where the users, not an editorial staff, get to decide what is news worthy. Sadly, if you’re blind, you don’t get to help make those decisions due to an inaccessible visual verification test that must be passed not only at account creation but also on each submission attempt. Please read the letter we at the journal submitted and contact Digg to ask for equal access by the blind and visually impaired to all the benefits this service has to offer.

Dear Digg Staff,

Thank you for establishing a Digg account for me in leu of your currently
inaccessible visual verification scheme. Unfortunately, the issue is not
over. I just discovered that visual verification is used when submitting new stories to the site. I endured visual verification during account creation. Surely, if someone is a spammer it is a simple matter of shutting off their account? Please, either remove the visual verification during the submission process or make it accessible. I anticipate a positive, affirmative response in the very near future.

All the best,

Darrell Shandrow