If our own blind brothers and sisters don’t insure our ability to access the results of all their accomplishments, then how on Earth can we expect the sighted to make anything accessible? The last couple of days have shown me once more that the vast majority of blind people simply are not switched on to the absolute importance of the need to insist on technology accessibility. We must ask first then insist if we must until the proper changes are made to allow our full participation. Sadly, from time to time, we must also call a blind brother or sister on the carpet when they do things without giving appropriate consideration for accessibility. Apparently, this basic, common sense stance is “militant”. We apparently must ask for accessibility, then just sit back if it doesn’t happen. It is apparently acceptable for our own people to take lead on projects and bring them to fruition without accomodating our own needs for equal access. No way, Jose! Militant or not, we must insist on the right thing at all times! The cold hard consequences of ignoring inaccessibility are just too numerous and terrible to mention at the present time. How can we switch the sighted on to the need for equal accessibility if most of our own people are totally clueless? How will we ever get mass accessibility by allowing others to pat us on the head and set us aside for bigger and better things? Though we happen to lack functioning eyes, we are people, too. It is high time we insist on our first class citizenship and our basic human rights when it comes to technology related products and services!