Bowing to pressure from Jerry Halatyn to make constant changes to the way in which If Every Day Were Christmas is delivered to blind podcasters, Jeff Bishop has simply removed the means by which we were able to obtain this song without the need to use the currently inaccessible Podsafe Music Network. Once again, it appears that the needs of everyone else trump the need for accessibility at all costs, again placing our needs at the very bottom of the list! For all that, I don’t even like this song anymore. The accessibility issues and undue complications in resolving the issues have simply taken all the fun out of this project. Thank you, Slau! In addition to all the accessibility issues and subsequent wrangling, one must be very careful as this project is, in no official way, endorsed by UNICEF. There is no way to absolutely, positively guarantee that any money generated from the purchase of this song will go to that charitable organization. Podsafe for Peace will not be played here on the Blind Access Journal podcast and we will be making no financial contribution to this endeavor.